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Smoked Delicacy - Follow the Instructions Puzzle

by Sally Jennings

Solving this puzzle is a good way to learn the alphabet, learn to follow directions in English, or just relax.

Start with the phrase: SMOKED DELICACY

Make the following changes to solve the puzzle:

  1. Double the O.
  2. Move Y between the double D's.
  3. Switch I and A
  4. Add N after the second E.
  5. Move M to the sixth position from the end.
  6. Move O to between the N and M.
  7. Delete the two letters on the end.
  8. Add S to the end.
  9. Reverse the order of the last seven letters.
  10. move C to the third position.
  11. Delete the two D's.

For the solution to the puzzle:
Speak Read Write Smoked Delicacy - Puzzle Answers

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