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Mini Word Search Puzzle

Old West Cowboy Life

Action Words

+ + + + + + + D N R K + 
E + + R + + Y R A O C + 
+ V T U K S L E E P U + 
+ C I N C H + H L E B + 
B O I R U O + + I L + + 
+ R L F D O O T + + + + 
D R A I P T M K L A T + 
+ A S N W A L K G U R + 
+ L S D D E C N C S O + 
+ S O N K W I K P + T + 
+ + E A + S + U + + + + 
+ T M E D I R + + + + + 
BRAND (1,5,SE)
BUCK (11,4,N)
CINCH (2,4,E)
COOK (5,4,SE)
CORRAL (2,4,S)
CUT (9,9,NE)
DRINK (1,7,NE)
DRIVE (5,6,NW)
EAT (6,9,N)
FIND (4,6,S)
HERD (8,4,N)
LASSO (3,6,S)
LEAN (9,4,N)
LOAD (2,9,SE)
MAKE (3,12,NE)
MOUNT (7,7,NW)
PACK (5,7,SE)
RIDE (7,12,W)
ROPE (10,1,S)
RUN (4,2,S)
SEE (2,10,SE)
SHOOT (6,3,S)
SING (6,11,NE)
SLEEP (6,3,E)
SPUR (10,9,SW)
SWEAT (6,11,N)
TALK (11,7,W)
TEND (2,12,NE)
TIE (8,6,NE)
TROT (11,7,S)
WALK (5,8,E)
YELL (7,2,SE)

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