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A Famous Canadian - Follow the Instructions Puzzle

by Sally Jennings

Solving this puzzle is a good way to learn the alphabet, learn to follow directions in English, or just relax.

Start with the phrase: A FAMOUS CANADIAN

Make the following changes to the phrase to solve the puzzle:

  1. Delete the first A and the last A.
  2. Switch the first A and the O.
  3. Move the final letter to the third position.
  4. Delete U, S, and the last A.
  5. Add the twelfth letter of the alphabet before the D.
  6. Delete F and I.
  7. Add the eighth letter of the alphabet between the O and the N.
  8. Double the first A.
  9. Add DO after the C.
  10. Add J at the beginning.
  11. Reverse the order of the MA to AM and AN to NA.

For the solution to the puzzle:
Speak Read Write A Famous Canadian - Puzzle Answers

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