Cross Out Paragraph Puzzle One - To Keep It Secret

by Sally Jennings

Allan leaned over the badly bent axle and sighed. He lifted his hat slowly and cleared his throat. Under his breath he said, "Third bent axle, Allan, it was your best axle. Obviously shot." Then he muttered, "Have to keep asking Andy for another axle."

To solve, cross out words in the paragraph above as follows

  1. Adverbs.
  2. Verbs in the past tense.
  3. Past participles used as adjectives.
  4. Verb plus preposition (two words) which means "requesting."
  5. Words beginning with "a" or "A."
  6. Determiners.
  7. 3rd person, singular, masculine pronouns, nominative case.
  8. 3rd person, singular, masculine possessive pronouns.
  9. Preposition the opposite of "under."
  10. Coordinating conjunctions.
  11. Words connected with "mouth."
  12. Number which comes after "second."
  13. The present tense of "had."
  14. The comparative form of "good."
  15. The superlative form of "good."

Rearrange the remaining words into an idiom which means "to keep it secret."

For all the answers, line by line, and the final solution, click here

Copyright 2004-2017 Sally Jennings

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