Taking a Trip - Cross Out Puzzle Three Solution

Materials Designed to Build Vocabulary - For English as a Second Language Students and Teachers

by Sally Jennings

  1. Paper documents for travel (boarding pass, landing card, passport, visa, permit, ticket, stub).
  2. Numbers smaller than 100 containing a zero (zero, twenty, eighty, seventy, ninety).
  3. Watercraft (boat, ship, canoe, kayak, dinghy, raft, tug).
  4. Airplane parts in Lines 1-8 (wing, tail, cockpit, cabin, hatch).
  5. Articles beginning with "T" used as determiners (the, the, the).
  6. Words connected with trains in Columns C, D, E, F (track, conductor, locomotive, porter, engine, diesel, caboose).
  7. Units of measurement in lines 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 (inch, centimeter, foot, meter, kilometer).
  8. Luggage (suitcase, duffel, valise, trunk, carry-on, garment bag, backpack).
  9. Prepositions beginning with "F" or "A" (from, for, above, around, against).
  10. Verbs used on a schedule, Lines 10, 11 (arrive, depart, reserve, pay).
  11. Airports (Heathrow, Schiphol, La Guardia, Orly, Narita, Hong Kong, Incheon).
Crossing out the words above leaves you with the proverb "A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."

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