Cross Out Puzzle One - Solution

Materials Designed to Build Vocabulary - For English as a Second Language Students and Teachers

by Sally Jennings

  1. Words that mean the same as "DIRTY" in rows 1, 5, 7, 10, 12. (muddy, grungy, shopworn, gritty, filthy)
  2. Verbs in the Present Progressive tense in even rows. (going, seeing, jumping, falling, walking, sitting, standing)
  3. Names of colours in columns A, C, E, F. (magenta, mauve, copper, silver, teal)
  4. Four-letter words with a double vowel in the middle. (peek, toot, feel, foot)
  5. Words that are kinds of candy in columns B, D, E, F. (fudge, fondant, macaroon, lollipop, sucker)
  6. Names of  towns in British Columbia, Canada. (Barriere, Vavenby, Coombs, Hazelton, Clearwater, Popkum, Quesnel, Comox)
  7. Words that are still words when preceded by "RE-" in odd rows. (turn, shape, work, touch, quest, make)
  8. Names of  Provinces of Canada in rows 1-5. (Alberta, Quebec, Manitoba, Ontario)
  9. Words that rhyme with "BOUQUET. " (betray, foray, relay, delay, crochet, matinee, throughway, sashay)
  10. Verbs that precede "UP" to make the phrasal verb "___ UP." (split, smell, call, wake, turn, shake, beat, start, hold)
Crossing out the words above leaves you with the proverb "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush."

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