How Big? How Heavy? - Cross Out Puzzle Five Solution

Materials Designed to Build Vocabulary - For English as a Second Language Students and Teachers

by Sally Jennings


  1. Prepositions (up, down, over, under, above, below)
  2. Past Participles beginning with "s" in lines 1-9 (slept, stirred, smiled, scrunched, supposed)
  3. Geometric shapes (triangle, hexagon, pentagon, square, circle, rectangle, octagon)
  4. Synonyms for a person who is "physically of ample size" (obese, overweight, well-endowed, heavy, large)
  5. Terms of the American measurement system (ounce, gallon, inch, pound, quart, acre, mile, yard, foot)
  6. Terms of the Metric measurement system, Canadian spelling (gram, liter, tonne, meter, kilometer, hectare, centimeter, kilogram)
  7. Bicycle parts (pedal, wheel, tire, chain, spoke, carrier, seat, tube)
  8. Synonyms for "lack of noise or activity" (quiet, peaceful, tranquil, calm, silent, still)
  9. Synonyms for "to take by mouth" (sip, suck, drink, quaff, guzzle)
  10. Synonyms for "to move quickly" (run, dash, hurry, dart, sprint).

Crossing out the words above leaves you with a quotation from John Milton's Sonnet, On His Blindness, "They also serve who only stand and wait."

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